Wicked Thinking: The Futures of Bushfire

1 July 2024

Brisbane 2029...Canberra 2034...Sydney 2039...Singapore 2043...D'Aguilar National Park 2048...Auckland 2056... Geneva 2095...

Each of these places and dates set the scene for a selection of speculative news stories about bushfires in Issue 02 of Wicked Thinking.

Dr Skye Doherty (Centre for Communication and Social Change [CfCSC] Affiliate, Theme leader, and UQ academic) leads the Wicked Thinking forum and collaborated with CfCSC staff and Affiliates for 'The Futures of Bushfire'. The "design fictions" in Wicked Thinking's latest edition "were inspired by the Fire Futures research project" (p.7). The Fire Futures research project was a response to bushfires in Queensland. Along with Dr Doherty, Centre Director Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert and CfCSC Affiliate and UQ Academic Associate Professor Ben Matthews were members of the team.

Associate Professor van de Fliert and Associate Professor Matthews are credited as part of the research team for the 'The Futures of Bushfire'. Also acknowledged as part of the team is CfCSC Affiliate and Postdoctoral Reseach Fellow in UQ's School of Social Science, Dr Awais Hameed Khan.

The team has also worked on related initiatives such as:

'The Futures of Bushfire' (Issue 02 of Wicked Thinking, June 2024) is now available in print and online from Wicked Thinking.