AI and Communications Industry

22 Jun 2024

Centre for Communication and Social Change (CfCSC) Affiliates and School of Communication and Arts staff were among the participants at the AI Industry Forum held at University of Queensland's (UQ) St Lucia Campus on 19th June. Hosted by the School of Communication and Arts, the Forum gave attendees the opportunity to hear about the AI skills needed in Communications today from industry stakeholders as well as past and present UQ students.

Centre Affiliate and SCA academic Dr Renée Mickelburgh (Associate Lecturer - Strategic Communication) and UQ SCA's Lecturer Dr Caroline Barnao-Wilson organised the event, collaborating with other UQ staff. CfSCS Affiliates/ SCA academic staff in attendance included Professor Kelly Fielding, Associate Professor Jane Johnston, Dr Jagadish Thaker, Dr Aparna Hebbani, Dr Elena Block, and Dr Kylie Navuku.