CSC Exchange: 'Rural Community Radio for Women Empowerment'

11 Mar 2020

Can rural community radio contribute to the delivery of political, economic and social empowerment for women in Kenya? This study investigates the role of radio in Communication for Social Change.

Former Journalist, Project Coordinator and Research Assistant, Doreen Busolo is currently a HDR candidate at UQ School of Communication Arts. 


About CSC Exchange/ CSC Roundtable

In light of the developing COVID-19 situation and corresponding to UQ's decision to cancel all University events unless they are critical to teaching or research, the Centre for Communication and Social Change will be cancelling all events other than those critical to teaching and research. This includes the CSC Exchange seminar series.  We are currently exploring ways to host these events online and will be updating our website in the near future.

The CSC Roundtable meetings of the Centre's HDR community will continue to be held (via Zoom).  For further information please contact the Centre using the email address: