Research Topic: Political Public Relations, Social Capital, and Public Interest: The Case of Sultan Qaboos' Meet-The-People Annual Tours in Oman.
Research Interests
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Public relations
  • Communication studies
  • Social media
  • Leadership and communication
MA Professional Communication and Public Relations, University of Queensland
BA, English Major, College of Education Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Tahera is a HDR candidate with the School of Communication and Arts (UQ) and also a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at Nizwa College of Applied Sciences (NCAS) in Oman. At NCAS she has been teaching and developing different communication, public relations and media courses. The current position has provided her with the opportunity to gain new knowledge about communication research field, share ideas with young and enthusiastic students, and practice corporate communication and PR skills.
Her master's thesis ("Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): An Exploratory Study in the Sultanate of Oman") was significant because it represents a first attempt to explore the nature of CSR practice in Oman through investigating the CSR approach of three big-sized business firms that were considered leaders in CSR initiatives in Oman. It contributed to the emerging literature by developing a theoretical framework for CSR practice in Oman considering the possible and important influence of culture and Islam.
In 2013, Tahera was nominated by the college for The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Scholarship for a full-time program in Leadership and Management of Higher Education Institutions at Maastricht School of Management MSM in The Netherlands. She has presented papers in national and international conferences including The EUROMENA Dialogue on Public Administration (2016), the 13th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media in Athens (2015), and First Public Relations Conference in Oman (2014).