Born in Australia, Paul has lived and worked in remote communities in Central Australia and the Torres Straits at various times. For the past many years he has been working internationally on a variety of aid or education projects in Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, and Central Asia. Paul has worked with refugees and IDPs, aid organisations and NGOs, as well as governments on projects and programs in various formats - the most recent were in Kazakhstan and Papua New Guinea. He enjoys the challenge of living and working cross-culturally, and never plans to stop travelling.

Research Interests:

  • education
  • participatory and community development
  • humanitarian aid
  • disaster and emergency relief/response
  • refugees
  • IDPs
  • disability
  • human rights
  • international relations
  • Islam

Qualifications: BA, MA, MA, GradCertHR

Current Research Topic: Affected community perceptions of the effectiveness of participatory development in the delivery of humanitarian aid for education in emergencies

Paul's research will draw comparisons between the perceptions of aid deliverers and aid receivers in terms of the level of consultation and participation with the affected community. It will consider the educational and cultural rights of affected communities, and seek to determine if humanitarian aid deliverers for education have taken these into adequate consideration when developing programs and delivering support in the event of crises. By evaluating these perceptions and identifying differences between the views of the various stakeholders, the research will either confirm current protocols for participatory development (PD) in humanitarian response, such as those established by the Inter‐Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) or the Sphere Project; or develop new ones.

PhD Supervisors: Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert, Dr Lynda Shevellar and Adjunct Professor Adil Khan


Halman, Paul G. (2019) "Challenges in gathering data after natural disasters and the potential for local knowledge: The case of the Nepal earthquake, 2015". NORRAG, Special Issue 2: 28-31

Halman, Paul Gerard, van de Fliert, Elske, Khan, M. Adil, and Shevellar, Lynda (2017) "The humanitarian imperative for education in disaster response." Disaster Prevention and Management, 272: 207-214. doi:10.1108/DPM-10-2017-0252