Friday, 13 November 2020 at 2.00 pm (Brisbane time).

An interactive workshop will bring together experts from around the world to discuss initiatives as well as communication, engagement and investment strategies for (local) food hubs and food security.

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Hyperlocal food sourcing: trendy or necessary? - Interactive Workshop

Live workshop: 13 November  2020 at 2.00 pm - Check your local time
Panel Chair: 
Franzisca Weder

Introduction - “live” from community garden/food hub
  • Franzisca Weder
  • Jen Rae
Initiatives, communication and engagement strategies from a practitioners perspective

Introduction of projects, workshop and training concepts in international cultural and regional settings:

Food hubs
  • Jen Rae, Melbourne (Australia): (Hyper)local food hub, Melbourne

  • F.-Th Gottwald, Munich (Germany): Local food hub, Munich 

Sparking food related conversations in a digitalized world
  • Amanda Katili Niode, Jakarta (Indonesia): Climate smart eating, regional challenges

  • Ana C. Nepote, Morelia (Mexico): New ways to communicate about food sourcing  in a digital world 

Pedagogical approaches
  • Sheryl Cunningham, Alex Klug, Springfield, Ohio (USA): Engaging multiple audiences

  • Jennifer Good, Constance Gordon, Kathleen P. Hunt, Maggie Siebert, Toronto et al (CAN/USA): Teaching through food 


Includes live question and answer session with people in the community & online.

  • Hyperlocality as part of “trendy sustainability”?
  • Why hyperlocal in Covid-times?
  • What and where do we talk about a Covid-19 related disruption (supply chains? panic buying? What about the retailers?)
  • What about “food security”?
  • Why are people more “sustainable” in Covid-/Post-Covid-times? Are they?
  • What are “hyperlocal communication strategies”?
  • How much is/can this be translated into an online world? (adaption strategies?)
  • What skills are needed in local food hubs?
  • Is there something like “public pedagogy” or: What skills can be learned in local food systems/community projects etc.?
  • What are strategies to engage with local councils/governments?
  • What about “investment” strategies (what kind of investment are we talking about)?
  • What about community, cohesion and inclusion – is COVID-19 bringing “values” back?
  • What about social inclusion and gender issues when we talk about sustainability, food & food supply?
  • How can academic works be translated into the hyperlocal communities?

The workshop will be recorded and available to delegates.

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