PEATLI Information Session 2024

Interested in travelling to Indonesia while learning about and working on initiatives that address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

We offer UQ students from a wide range of disciplines the opportunity to work on real-life complex problems through the PEATLI project. In 2024, PEATLI stands for ‘Poverty, community Engagement And Transdisciplinary Learning – Indonesia’ and the focus will be on SDG-1 (No Poverty). There will be two cohorts in 2024:

PEATLI-6:   Four preparation workshops take place in Semester 1 2024 and travel to Indonesia is from 6-21 July 2024. Locations: East Lombok in NTB province and Malang in East Java province.

PEATLI-7:   Workshops take place in Semester 2 2024 and travel to Indonesia from 16 November to 3 December 2024 (TBC). Locations: Sumbawa in NTB province and Malang in East Java province.

The PEATLI project is coordinated by the UQ Centre for Communication and Social Change (CfCSC) in collaboration with the Research Centre for Social Welfare, Villages and Connectivity (KSDK-BRIN), Brawijaya University (UB) and local government organisations in NTB province, Indonesia.

Undergraduate domestic students may be eligible to receive a travel grant from the New Colombo Plan short mobility program, while others are welcome to participate, too, if at least they can cover the airfares.

Information session:

Date:     Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Time:    16:00-17:00 in

Venue: Room 208, Joyce Ackroyd Building (#37).

More information and an Expression of Interest form can be found HERE.