Gemma-Rose Turnbull instigates photo-based projects that examine how the integration of collaborative strategies can catalyse social change agendas. She is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, Australia, and was a Scholar in Residence in the Art and Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University. She writes at Photography As a Social Practice.

Research Interests:

  • Photo-based Social Practice
  • Socially Engaged Art Practices
  • Visual Activism
  • Collaborative and Participatory Methodologies in Documentary Photography
  • Documentary Photography

Research Topic:

Translating co-authored production into representation methodologies in socially engaged documentary photographic projects.

Supervisors:  Dr Sally ButlerDr Natalie Collie, and Dr Marnie Badham


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    The Questions We Ask Together. (Ed.) Portland, OR: OE In Print.

    The Disposable Camera Project, Melbourne, VIC: Colour Box Studio.

    A discussion of socially engaged, transdisciplinary, and expanded practices in contemporary photography, (in collaboration with Pete Brook, Eliza Gregory, Mark Strandquist), New York, NY: A Social Practice.

    Talk to the Gun, (Ed.) Portland, OR: Publication Studio.

    Red Light Dark Room; Sex, lives and stereotypes, Melbourne, VIC: G-R.Turnbull.