Debashish Sarker Dev is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Extension Education of the Faculty of Agriculture in Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). In addition to working with rural people and development, Debashish has been involved in various voluntary works including blood donation and promoted blood donation activities. He has conducted research relevant to agricultural communication and rural development of Bangladesh. Further, Debashish has also worked as a researcher with an FAO funded study which addressed the development of quality agricultural extension field workers of Bangladesh.

Research Interests:

  • Gender and power relations
  • Participatory communication
  • Communicating climate change adaptation
  • Social practices


Master of Science in Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (honors), Bangladesh Agricultural University.

Current Research Topic: ‘The Everyday Practices of Women in Responding to Climate Change: Framing Power Influences in Climate-Vulnerable Areas of Bangladesh' 

The intent of this research is to understand how women in rural Bangladesh adapt to climate change impacts and how they are adapting to climate change within the complex social power mechanism in their everyday life. Climate change is an everyday issue and it influences our day-to-day living. In addition to that, the deeply rooted culture and traditions of the country make gender and power important factors both for people's everyday life and climate change adaptation process.  It is important for climate change researchers to relocate the attention towards complex power issues of everyday life to make the adaptation process further effective. The research work will argue that understanding the links between power and processes of empowerment and expressions of everyday practices of women adapting to climate change is crucial to inform policies and initiatives that intend to support rural women in the climate change crisis.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Elske van de Fliert and Associate Professor Karen McNamara